Tailor made

Tailor made for our customers

Riseria SP is a wholly customer-focussed company, capable of fulfilling a wide-range of customer requirements through its customised services. With our extensive range of product formats we can provide customised solutions to suit our customers’ needs and specific requirements.

We can suggest, manage, and customise the technical characteristics of the rice to ensure a product that meets our customers ‘needs. We stand out as a reliable partner through our flexibility and dedication to service.

All product formats

Loose rice

Big bag /
vacuum packed Big bag

1 T – 1.2 T

Paper sack

10 / 20 Kg

double bottom

500 g / 1 Kg

Vacuum-packed cans

500 g / 1 Kg

Vacuum packed

1 Kg

Boil-in-bag can

4×125 g

Pillow packs

1 / 2 / 5 / 10 Kg

Innovation, safety and quality

The integrated plant can carry out processing from paddy rice to white rice with an annual production of approximately 180 thousand tons.

In our plants we use efficient models and seek continuous improvement and innovation.

Continuous investments in highly sophisticated machinery guarantees product safety and quality throughout the process:

  • Latest generation cleaners positioned at the beginning of the process allow to guarantee the clean entry of the paddy being processed;
  • A series of metal detectors and magnets ensure a safe finished product;
  • Use of latest generation optical sorters throughout the process (husked and white phase) for a high quality standard.

Certified Quality

Standards and certifications, as proved by ours Certification Marks, guarantee our high-quality products.