The excellence of all the Italian rice varieties in practical packages always ready for cooking.


A historical variety of the Italian rice cultivation, it is considered since long time the “prince” of the rice, the most used for the risotto. Carnaroli rice, cooks well and absorbs liquids in a good way and is best and most widely used for risotto.


This rice is characterized by a very fat, large and pearly grain which, when cooked in water, can grow up to five times its volume. This allows a good cooking resistance and an excellent creaming and it is for these reasons that it is counted among the best risotto rice varieties.


Parboiled rice is subjected to a pre-cooking process under pressure before husking, which gives it greater resistance to cooking.


Originario rice is a variety of rice with short, round grains, known for its creamy texture and ability to absorb flavors during cooking.


This rice is considered one of the most versatile and practical rice in the kitchen. The high percentage of starch contained in the grains and released during cooking preparation, allows to obtain soft and well-creamed risottos. Suitable also for rice with sauce, flans and the famous Sicilian Arancini.

Risotto Rice

Risotto rice is a variety of medium-grain rice known for its ability to gradually absorb broth during cooking, creating a creamy, “al dente” texture.