Our story

The market leader in high quality rice processing since 2000

S.P. s.p.a. was founded in 2000 as a family business and has acquired unique and invaluable experience over the years. In 2020, with both new investors on board and a new management team, the company set out on a new path with a more contemporary management approach establishing a defined and competitive positioning with respect to current and potential markets.

With its headquarters located in the area of rice production excellence its production output can now focus on global markets.

The core business is the processing and sale of bulk and packaged rice through its own product lines and/or private labels for third parties. The company carefully and attentively selects the best quality rice, and guarantees a production process that complies with the strictest European regulations. It can thus establish itself as a market leader in high-quality rice processing while continuing the essence of the Italian rice tradition.

Over 20 years of investment to become a market leader


Foundation year


Implemented packaging Dept


HQ built

2015 – 2017

From brown rice to white rice

2018 – 2020

From paddy to brown rice


New management and new shareholders structure